Heilers + Boland = Heiland 

Heiland Farms was established by John Heilers and Rochelle Boland in January 2015. The farm became a true family operation on June 23, 2018, when we made it official and got married. The operation consists of 200 acres on two farms in the Chance area of Adair County about 8 miles out of Columbia, Kentucky, and 47 acres up in Harrison County, Kentucky, used for summer pasture for our weaned calves.

As for our goat operation, we currently have 18 breeding does and will be adding three more in December 2018. Of these 21 does, 9 are fullblood Savannas, 2 are purebred and the rest are percentage Savannas. Our current bucks, Blitz and Rambler, are fullblood Savanna. We got Blitz from England Family Ranch in South Dakota, and he is a good looking solid guy who should give us some well-built Savannas to offer to other breeders. Rambler is a buck we kept out of our former herd sire, Vinnie. We will get his first kids later in spring 2019 and are excited to see how they do.

We also have a mixed herd of beef cattle, Angus, Charolais and American British White Park (Parkies). We have added 5 Parkie heifers and a Parkie bull, all registered, because the Parkies are known for excellent quality tender beef. We raise grass-fed beef, no hormones or antibiotics, and offer them for sale directly to consumers by the quarter, half, or whole beef. We are trying to offer people a good healthy alternative to grocery store beef, while at the same time assuring that our cattle are treated humanely for their entire lives, no traumatic cattle haulers and feedlots.


We look forward to building a good customer base to market our beef and Savanna goats and anticipate building our operation over the next few years.

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